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Analytics & AI

Analytics, Website analyse, Big Data analyse, big data analysis


With our comprehensive analysis portfolio, we offer you a solid basis for improving the efficiency of your web presence as well as the possibility of long-term success control. During the analysis, corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) are calculated and made available to you on a regular basis. Based on these key performance indicators, you can derive appropriate entrepreneurial measures that lead to a positive development.

Currently, these services are only available to customers of our web service.

Artificial Intelligence

In the field of artificial intelligence (short: AI) we use methods of machine learning as well as deep learning to constantly improve our support and to support you. Different AIs are used, among others for on-page search engine optimization in the form of image recognition software, but also in data analysis we rely on AIs to recognize patterns and possible correlations. In addition, our chat bot is also based on an AI and assists us and our customers with support.

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